At Malkia, every woman is a queen and must portray it with confidence! We not only want confidence that comes from looks but one that comes from an empowered mind: outside beauty, inner strength! We constantly remind our clients that style is a personality, a way of life and the heart of goodwill shown towards others.
We provide women with quality fashion and beauty products and advice that make them stand out without struggle. Malkia ensures that the very best is made available to our clients, relieving them of the effort and time they spend just making sure they have an original, high quality product.




1. Personalized styling

2. Fashion Consultancy

3. Retail Fashion Products

My Style

My Style is Malkia’s personalized fashion styling and beauty platform. My Style allows you to think of the kind of impression and statement you want to make with your fashion style and Malkia helps you create that unique style!

My style: Imagine it, Be it!

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