Return and Refund Policy

All Malkia orders are fulfilled in the shortest possible time and with the highest precision. However, if a problem occurs, the Malkia return and refund policy protects our buyers. The policy covers the following situations:
1. If ordered item(s) is not received
2. If received item(s) is not as described on website

Order not received

If an order is not received, the buyer can report the issue here. The Malkia team will review the report and
1. Confirm the buyer entered the correct delivery address
2. Confirm the delivery date is overdue
If the above conditions are confirmed and the item is still in transit, Malkia will request the buyer to either wait for the order to arrive or cancel the order. If the order is cancelled, Malkia
will refund the cost of the items to the buyer excluding all shipping costs. On the other hand, if the customer prefers to wait for the order to arrive, then no further action will be required.

If the item is lost, Malkia will ensure the responsible courier service pays for the damages. This payment depends solely on the terms of the courier service.

Item(s) not as described

A buyer can only request a refund within 10 days of delivery of the item. After this period, all refund requests are not valid. If item is not as described, the buyer can report the issue here
and the Malkia team will review the report. If claims are valid, the buyer will return the items and receive a refund of the cost of the order excluding all shipping costs. The buyer bears the
return shipping costs in this case and is responsible for ensuring the items are successfully returned to Malkia.

Mode of refund

All refunds will be done through mobile money if buyer is in Ghana and through direct bank transfer for all other locations.